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New Update 11-01-2017


Hello Guys, we are deeply sorry for the recent loses with our 2+ Odds predictions.  Trust me, no sane person wakes up in the morning and plan to fail.

Please understand that, we are not profiting from your lost, rather we are losing your trust. We are very disappointed at the moment not just because we are losing money, but because we are losing our credibility.

Our credibility is of utmost importance to us. Unlike other prediction apps/sites that delete or edit their failed predictions. We do not do such, we keep both our winning and losing records. We are very honest with our records.

Our service is completely free of charge, we do not have any VIP section, because we believe everyone is a VIP.

We plead with you our loyal fans to please bear with us. We are doing our very best to return to winning ways again.

Cheers & God Bless

Team Bet & Win.

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