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What Causes Conjunctivitis “Apollo”

Causes Conjunctivitis Apollo

Conjunctivitis or “Apollo” as popularly called in Nigeria, is an infection that affects the white part of the eyes. It is mostly viral but can have superimposed infection by bacterial.

Symptoms include, redness of the eyes, itching, pain, swelling, scratching, discharge and glued eyes especially when you wake up from sleep. It affects all ages and it is common in the dry “harmattan” season.

It is contagious but not by looking at the eyes of the infected person but rather by shaking of hands, sharing towels, touching of eyes, pillow cases and bed sheets, or any contaminated personal object of the infected person. As long as the eyes are red, it is contagious and this lasts for about 10 to 12 days.

Prevention and treatment is good hygiene, hand washing and avoid sharing personal belongings with infected patients. Most times it resolves on its own but infected ones will need antibiotics like penicillin ointment or gentamycin or chloramphenicol eye drop.

Infected persons should stop going to school, avoid use of contact lens during that period, destroy glasses used, in other not to infects others or worsen your condition.

Please do not use breast milk, urine, sugar solution, salt water or saliva. It will only cause more infection.

If after 2 weeks symptoms persist please see a doctor.

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